Hello Andrew! Love the article and totally agree! I just started a new role on September 9th at a reduced hours schedule, but came in and identified some big gaps WITH SOLUTIONS to solve them. Well, my project list now has 22 items on it and, as of yesterday October 2nd, I'm a full 40 hours - with talks already of transitioning team members under me in coming months. The exceed expectations part is the key, I think!

Also - I'm in the Dallas area, would love to meet you, have some coffee and talk shop when you're in town. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or my email is melissa.greer@twc.com.



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The Magic Loop: A framework for rapid career growth - this is by far the best advice/system to grow your career and get promoted. Applicable to all levels (ICs, managers, executives). The creator, Ethan Evans, used this when he was a Amazon Senior Manager, Director, and VP (800+ team).

Ethan often tells managers "If you want a better team, show them this Magic Loop idea". Tell your team that you are open to working with them on their goals via this system if they are willing to invest and take on some necessary work to get there.


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