Reflections on best practices & mental heuristics for general business, meta-learning, self-development, and psychology.


Perhaps you came across this Substack randomly. Maybe you’re subscribed to my Medium channel. Or you came across my LinkedIn post. Either way, thank you for browsing and I hope you find value in my reflections.

I’m based out of New York City and work in Business Operations at Facebook / Instagram. On the side, I work with startups – advising, consulting & implementing – within eCommerce, social media & consumer software. I also spend a lot of time connecting with new folks – either mentoring students and grads, building and fostering online communities, or conducting online interviews.

I’m an avid consumer of books, blogs, and general media. I started writing to structure, organize, and consolidate my learning. Typically, I write about meta-learning, psychology, self-development, and general business. Last year (2020), I decided to share my writing more publicly with the hope that others could benefit from it. I migrated to Substack to keep myself accountable for consistent, high-quality writing.

I plan to keep my writing digestible (under 500 words / 1 page) per article, with 2-4 articles monthly.

I thrive on feedback. Please reach out to me directly (LinkedIn, email, comment, Twitter) if you have any thoughts.

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