Who am I?

I’m Andrew, an ex product leader at Google and Facebook, startup advisor, community builder, investor, and writer.

What I do

  • Create IRL experiences that bring 25,000+ of tech’s brightest founders, operators, and investors together. My events were featured on Bloomberg, This Week in Startups. Morning Brew, and DeCential Media.

  • Advise founders and tech leaders, to help with fundraising, hiring, go-to-market, and partnership efforts.

  • Write this newsletter, a newsletter on growth, performance, and leadership, for 30,000+ readers.

My mission:

  1. To empower you to build deep, meaningful relationships

  2. To inspire the world to be wiser, happier, and less lonely

A little about me:

Two years ago, I moved to New York City after stints in Asia and Canada for 20+ years. At the time, I knew nobody… AND it was during the peak of the pandemic.

So I started bringing strangers together and hosting dinners. And what started off as small, curated dinners eventually evolved into 2,000+ person tech parties.

Through hosting, I’ve met many brilliant humans who are world class at what they do. They’re C-suite executives at the world’s most prominent companies, olympic athletes, famous media personalities, notable entrepreneurs, renowned authors… you get the point.

They’ve taught me a few things on life and business, which I’ll share with you in this newsletter, along with other cool things.

You can get in touch with me by emailing andrew.yc.yeung@gmail.com

Me, at my favorite curated rooftop series in Manhattan that I call the “Junto Club”

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Global Product Lead @Google. Ex-Facebook Operator and Advisory. Obsessed with human performance & development.